Offering timeless appeal and durability, brick is a sought-after choice for home exteriors, whether it is used as the primary material or as a complementary design feature. Fired-clay brick is available in various sizes and textures and is typically found on Colonial, Tudor and English style cottage exteriors.
Something to Consider
Used for hundreds of years, brick is commonly found today as a veneer, constructed on the outside of a home’s wood frame structure with mortar used to hold the bricks together. Since water can penetrate brick veneers, a membrane must be installed between the brick veneer and the house to keep the structure protected.
A Lasting Exterior at a Higher Cost
Under normal circumstances, and when installation is done properly, brick exteriors can last the lifetime of your house. Installing real brick is labour intensive which means you can expect to pay on the higher end when comparing to other siding choices. For environmental considerations, it’s important to note that brick can be recycled.

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